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Humidity Chamber

Table blower drying box

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DHG applicable to industrial and mining enterprises, universities, bio pharmaceutical, food processing, scientific research, medical institutions and laboratories for non flammable and non volatile items of drying, baking, melting wax and disinfection and sterilization for specific uses: Glassware drying, samples, food, chemicals heat denaturation, hot hardness, thermal softening and moisture removal, hot air sterilization in biological engineering vessels, appliances, drying and aging of electronic components.
Features of table blower drying box:
1, desktop, back heating type, the level of forced convection, selection of imported fans, import and export volume can be adjusted to ensure that the studio temperature uniformity.
2, stainless steel studios, high-quality steel plate static plastic shell, double tempered glass windows, polished stainless steel shelf, shelf bracket can be adjusted, safe and convenient use, novel and beautiful appearance.
3, high performance CPU processing chip and high sensitivity, high precision platinum resistance sensor temperature control system to make the temperature control more accurate, more convenient operation.
4, with sensor fault alarm, over temperature alarm, self diagnosis of dynamic control, temperature display correction, parameter memory and up to 9999 minutes of timing.
5, the use of high-quality stainless steel production studio, with the design of the fillet, so that more convenient to clean.
6, optional independent temperature control system, more than the fixed temperature automatically interrupted.