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The future development direction of impact testing machine

Pubdate:2021-10-20 09:58:18 Click:410
Impact testing machine is a kind of traditional mechanical property testing equipment which is the most widely used in toughness testing of metallic materials. Impact testing machine is mainly used for the detection of metal materials, that is, under certain conditions under the impact load, in the process of absorbing enough stress, in order to ensure the safety of metal components and parts.
In recent years, the testing machine industry development in our country is very rapid, but also have a very good development trend of the impact testing machine, has become an integral part of the casting industry, auto parts enterprises such as the quality of test equipment.
With the development of mechanical equipment, green energy saving is particularly important, the impact test machine is also set foot on the road of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction in the development of Green Road, the future direction of development is:
1, the running speed is higher;
2, the service life is longer and longer;
3, effectively save energy and cost;
4, effectively reduce the operating temperature, reduce energy consumption;
5, in the use of environmentally friendly lubricating oil based on the acceptance of more heavy load;
Impact test machine will lead to a green revolution, so as to meet the needs of the industry and keep up with the pace of development of the times.