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Humidity Chamber

Yellowing resistance test machine

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Yellow proof test box:
Yellowing resistance test case to determination of white or light colored state material, base material, leather, PU, fabric and other shoe materials, to light the yellowing degree, the light bulb and heating device, solar irradiation sample, test sample yellowing ability in the sun, which is suitable for arbitration and the precision of scientific research, development work.
Meet the standards: ASTM-D1148, HG/T3689
Test box specification parameter:
Light source: 300W light bulb type (1000h -A)
Temperature range: room temperature ~120 C, general test temperature 50
The sample tray: Phi 30cm rotation, 3+-1rpm
Heating method: hot air circulation
Insulation layer: glass fiber
Optical density: adjustable
Timer: 0~9999, HR LED
Horsepower: 1/4HP
Inner box: 50 * 50 * 60 cm
Volume: 100 * 65 * 117cm
Weight: 135kg
Power supply: 1 MV, AC220V, 15A
Ultraviolet light bulb OSRAM300 watts, the use of 1000 hours after the need to replace
The distance between the bulb and the test piece must be 250 + 2mm
Tray speed must be 3 + 1 revolutions per minute