small cap oem manufacturers

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal last month, many industry experts are projecting that the U.S. auto sales pattern looks like it might be “near a peak, and could fall soon.” This market has …

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wind and solar small cap stocks

It probably comes as no real surprise, but the news this week that renewable energy now accounts for more than half of 2014’s new U.S. energy capacity is certainly a milestone. Renewable energy, meaning wind and solar …

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Natural Gas Prices at Seasonal Low, Market Still Strong

Posted On July 22, 2014 | by AllenCaron
natural gas small cap stocks

A recent article in Market Realist this month reported the trend of mild summer weather causing a drop in natural gas prices, which has been noted by several other news sources. One source reported that “utilities won’t …

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Has the trucking sector bounced back from a stormy first quarter? The early signs, based on the second quarter results of large cap trucker J. B. Hunt Transport Services, say yes. J. B. Hunt Transport (Nasdaq: JBHT), …

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nfc small cap companies

Air France recently began a six-month trial for their new “Touch and Pass” app to board flights, which requires NFC, or near field communication technology. NFC has been around for a while but has sometimes struggled to …

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Asian Car Makers Accelerating Plans for Fuel-Cell Vehicles

Posted On July 11, 2014 | by AllenCaron
old fuel cell car

The recent news that Toyota, the car company that disrupted the automobile industry with the Prius hybrid, is now focusing on hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles has to be welcome news for environmentalists, fuel-cell enthusiasts and, yes, small cap …

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3d printing technology small cap stocks

In a recent article on HuffPost Live, Dr. Ibrahim Ozbolat, co-director of the University of Iowa’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group, spoke about how 3D printing technology’s rapid advancements have led to great strides in organ replacement with …

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