Natural Gas Prices at Seasonal Low, Market Still Strong

Posted On July 22, 2014 | by AllenCaron
natural gas small cap stocks

A recent article in Market Realist this month reported the trend of mild summer weather causing a drop in natural gas prices, which has been noted by several other news sources. One source reported that “utilities won’t …

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Has the trucking sector bounced back from a stormy first quarter? The early signs, based on the second quarter results of large cap trucker J. B. Hunt Transport Services, say yes. J. B. Hunt Transport (Nasdaq: JBHT), …

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nfc small cap companies

Air France recently began a six-month trial for their new “Touch and Pass” app to board flights, which requires NFC, or near field communication technology. NFC has been around for a while but has sometimes struggled to …

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Asian Car Makers Accelerating Plans for Fuel-Cell Vehicles

Posted On July 11, 2014 | by AllenCaron
old fuel cell car

The recent news that Toyota, the car company that disrupted the automobile industry with the Prius hybrid, is now focusing on hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles has to be welcome news for environmentalists, fuel-cell enthusiasts and, yes, small cap …

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3d printing technology small cap stocks

In a recent article on HuffPost Live, Dr. Ibrahim Ozbolat, co-director of the University of Iowa’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group, spoke about how 3D printing technology’s rapid advancements have led to great strides in organ replacement with …

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small cap solar companies

Like much of what Elon Musk says and does, the news we covered last week that he was buying the solar start-up Silveo went against the grain of conventional wisdom. Silveo is a Silicon Valley-based solar module manufacturer …

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solar panel mid small caps

SolarCity, the largest installer of residential solar panels in the United States, has an ambitious goal: to dramatically drive down prices so that solar power can compete on an unsubsidized basis with fossil-fuel energy from the grid. …

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