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Three coordinate measuring machines and instruments in the f

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Three coordinate measuring machine of China's equipment manufacturing industry, should firmly seize the strategic opportunities of development, should be the spirit of "innovation, technology integration, priority" principle, to enhance the transformation of traditional industries and emerging industries of strategic development needs, for the manufacturing process of perception, analysis, decision, control and execution and other links and integration advanced manufacturing, information and intelligence technology, manufacturing automation, intelligent, lean.
The three coordinate measuring machine and the development of instrument industry in our country:
1, complete automatic production line:
The integrated system focus on the development of million tons and above large-scale ethylene, large PTA automatic production line, large-scale coal chemical industry automation key equipment; large-scale production of liquefied natural gas storage automation key equipment, large natural gas long distance transportation system; high efficiency, short process of cotton dyeing and finishing production line; complete sets of equipment for large underground coal mining comprehensive automation large opencast mine and automation equipment, the use of three coordinate measuring machine saves the production cost for enterprises.
2, the key basic parts, components and components:
Focus on the development of high reliability, magnetic force sensitive sensor, composite, fiber, MEMS, biosensor, instrument chip, chromatography, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry instrument, detection device was used to determine the calorific value; high parameter, high precision and high reliability of bearings, hydraulic pneumatic seal element, gear transmission device and the large precise complex the long life mold; power electronic devices and frequency control device, three coordinate measuring machine for precision measurement provides more accurate data.
3, intelligent special equipment:
Focus on the development of robot industry; intelligent excavator, dump mine intelligent TBM, rapid integration of flexible construction equipment as the representative of the large-scale construction machinery; digitization, intelligent, high-speed and multi-function printing machine; large advanced intelligent agricultural machinery, three coordinate measuring instrument has provided a guarantee for the digital machine.
4, intelligent control system:
Focus on the development of a comprehensive distributed control system DCS, FCS fieldbus control system and Fieldbus equipment to realize the dynamic data exchange function, logic control, motion control and simulation control functions integrated programmable control system PLC, advanced and efficient engine and its intelligent control system, control system of new energy, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection and other emerging industries need.
5, high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment:
Accelerate the implementation of the "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment," major projects, to strengthen the demonstration of special research achievements and industrialization process. Focus on the development of high speed precision complex CNC metal cutting machine tools, heavy-duty CNC metal cutting machine tools, CNC machine tools, CNC stamping equipment; heavy forging equipment, clean and efficient new casting equipment, welding equipment, large-scale clean heat treatment and surface treatment equipment, metal forming equipment, preparation of new materials, high-end CNC equipment system, NC machine tool parts, digital tools system and three coordinate measuring instrument of high precision measurement equipment.
6, precision and intelligent instrumentation and test equipment:
Focus on the development of high precision, high stability, intelligent pressure, flow, material level, component instruments, national defense special test equipment, such as various types of test equipment. High precision testing can be intelligent measurement and recording data, accurate screening of the pros and cons of products, not only saves the labor cost, while making the enterprise production line to achieve the upgrade, and create more profits. Si Ruisan coordinate measuring machine adopts advanced technology of aluminum, the beam and the Z axis adopts hard anodized surface air Aluminum Alloy, and reduce the inertia of moving parts and measuring machine in high speed operation, ensure high precision and high speed.

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