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Humidity Chamber

High and low temperature testing machine

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High and low temperature testing machine (temperature can be used to control the program)
First, model specifications:
1,: GDS- 100 type
2,: 400 x 500 x 500 (deep x w * h) mm
3,: -40 degrees to +150
Two, structure and material:
1, inner box material: SUS304 stainless steel mirror
2, outside the box material: SUS304 high grade stainless steel
3, insulation material: super fine glass fiber insulation cotton
4, 316L: stainless steel fin heat pipe heater
5: UL type electric heater, humidifier
Three, send wind circulation system:
1, Xiangming motor (low noise)
2, stainless steel multi wing type axial flow wind wheel
3, single cycle
Four, the refrigeration system: -40 above the single chiller system, -40 C below the dual cascade refrigeration system
1, compressor: original French "Taikang" full closed refrigeration compressor
2, cold media: environmentally friendly cold medium
3, condenser: air-cooled coil
4, multi section: fin type evaporator
5, other accessories: cooling and drying filter, refrigerant flow window, repair valve, oil separator, solenoid valve, liquid storage tube are imported parts.
Five, temperature and humidity controller: KR-K button type temperature and humidity controller.
Temperature control specification:
Accuracy: + 0.1 C (display range)
Resolution: + 0.1 C: Pt100
Test sensor: heat balance adjustment method
Six, safety protection device:
(1) over temperature protector
(2) under phase lack of protection
(3) fast fuse
(4) compressor with high and low voltage protection
(5) compressor over heat protection
(6) compressor over current protection
(7) line fuse and fully sheathed terminal
(8) water shortage protection switch
Seven, power: AC with 3 380V 50HZ 30A
Eight: accessories:
(1) test with cable outlet hole diameter 50mm 1 (Japan)
(2) hollow glass window