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Humidity Chamber

Constant temperature and humidity box (programmable)

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Name: programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine model: ST-80L-40-300
Detailed specification:
Scope of application: (product test adjustable range)
1 temperature: -40 C to +150 C. 2 humidity: 20% to 98%RH.
Two, the control accuracy of meter:
1 temperature: + 0.2 degrees C 2 humidity: + 2.0%RH
Three meter resolution:
1 temperature: 0.01 C 2 humidity: 0.1%RH
Four, heating time: from room temperature to +150 degrees Celsius, about 40 minutes. (nonlinear no-load)
Five, cooling time: from room temperature to -40 degrees Celsius, about 60 minutes. (nonlinear no-load)
Six, machine structure and material:
1 inner box size: 40cm (W) * 50cm * (H) * 40cm (D)
2 outer carton size: 97cm (W) * 136CM (H) * 97cm (D)
3 inner box material: 304 stainless steel plate heat cold SUS.
4 outer case material: high tension stainless steel plate, and through the multi-channel film free layer surface treatment.
5 heat insulation material: high density glass wool and high strength PU foam insulation material.
6 parts: anti sweat heat system of K tube for sweat proof treatment.
7 door air tight material: high tension parking temperature -90 to 280.
8 ancillary equipment:
A. adjustable active disk 2, can be arbitrarily change the distance.
B. external test Kong Yi only, can be used for dynamic testing.
C. wide angle projection lighting equipment, electricity saving high efficiency fluorescent lamp.
D. multilayer vacuum glass window, explosion proof type.
E. with adjustable fixed axis and movable wheel 4 groups.
Seven, refrigeration system and heating system:
1 France Taikang compressor power saving efficiency.
2 environmental protection R404A cold coal.
3 the whole pipeline system of pressurized nitrogen leak.
The 4 wavy fin type forced air condenser.
5 slope type I N T U B E F evaporator.
6 solenoid valve; dry filter and other refrigeration components.
7 internal spiral T - Y P E K cold medium copper tube.
8 T - Y P E U high speed electric heating pipe, heating quickly.
9 heating and cooling system is completely independent, without manual control.
Eight, humidification and desiccant system:
1 independent way of using electronic fretting humidification system, with two magnetic reed switch, can reduce the error due to the electronic movement.
2 the wet tube is made of stainless steel.
3 the dew point temperature (ADP) of the evaporator coil, the method of laminar contact.
4 with over heat, overflow double protection device, can be at ease to use.
5 humidification, desiccant system is completely independent.
6 supply humidification tube water should be as far as possible to adopt pure water or RO reverse osmosis water.
Nine, the wind blowing through the bad system:
1 Multi wing centrifugal circulating fan, rotating blade axis with high temperature strengthening of Aluminum Alloy made by forced convection.
2 THROW FLOW air supply mode; horizontal diffusion vertical heat exchange arc cycle.
3 adjustable side air outlet and the return air support class.
Ten, circuit control system: (TEMI300 programmable controller)
A. uses the English language and the data data screen to display the conversation manner.
B. can be memory multi group program (PTN), and the group of programs (PTN) can be repeated cycle execution.
C. microcomputer automatic PID+SSR control mode, both convenient and implicit.
D. temperature, humidity can do automatic control, and the program can be linked to each other (LINK) implementation.
E. microcomputer intelligent multi-function control, with each group of refrigeration compressor, electromagnetic valve, heating HEATER, humidification HEATER... Automatic control output function.
F. the main components of the system are equipped with a security aware interface device, when the abnormal fault occurs, immediately cut off the power supply.
Eleven, safety protection system:
1 system control loop fuse. 2 with no fuse protection switch.
3 temperature and water overheat protection switch. 4 overload protection device for refrigerating compressor.
5 system over current protection device. 6 fault indicator light.
7 controller setting fault display and alarm.
Twelve, power: a phase MAX 30A 50Hz AC220V
Thirteen, the warranty period of one year, free shipping, debugging.
Fourteen, with a 1 gauze preparation: a set of 2 operating instructions, maintenance instruction