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I recently had a routine physical exam; it was done in a clinic and I had to fill out a standard information sheet.  One of the questions related to medicines I take regularly.  Well, strictly speaking the […]

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The road to economic recovery is long for the US and other countries that have experienced negative growth or dismally small growth rates over the last several years.  It seems that a variety of indicators are moving up more […]

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The Alleviation of Pain: Does It Threaten Drug Abuse?

Posted On January 15, 2012 | by AllenCaron
pain management

Last week the NY DAILY NEWS warned its readers of the potential dangers of advanced opioid drugs that are designed and clinically tested for pain relief — but potentially open to the kind of rampant drug abuse […]

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All the early indications are that the automobile industry, which has suffered notoriously for several years, is poised for a much better 2012. That’s partly because 2011 ended on such a positive note–winding up the best year for sales since […]

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If we get a bull market run in 2012, and many of the more optimistic analysts are suggesting we will, then the small cap stocks will lead the rally, according to a variety of market prognisticators and a bit […]

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Topaz Solar Farm - courtesy of

Don’t feel too badly if you are having trouble understanding the ups and downs of the solar industry. Take the Dec. 15 Business section of the Los Angeles Times, for instance. Right above to the headline “Grand […]

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When, back in July, we last wrote about reverse mergers (a means by which a private company can buy the shell of a defunct public company to gain quick access to public markets) the Securites and Exchange Commission (SEC) had […]

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