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FCV Concept Fuel Cell Car Following in Footsteps of Prius

Posted On November 22, 2013 | by AllenCaron

Toyota, the car company that proved the world was ready for hybrid vehicles with the Prius, unveiled a hydrogen fuel cell car November 20 at the Tokyo Auto Show. It’s called the FCV concept and Toyota plans […]

The Future of Green Tech Investment

Posted On May 24, 2013 | by AllenCaron

According to a recent article in Green Technica by author Joshua S. Hill, green tech investment could “skyrocket” by 2030. Hill cites research from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, including a detailed analysis of three different potential scenarios. […]

One of the high points of the greentech year is coming up March 4-5: CleanEquityMonaco (http://www.cleanequitymonaco.com) in the picturebook-lovely city of Monte Carlo.  Interestingly enough it is not a costly conference to attend, probably because it has […]

We had a conversation with  our old friend, Mungo Park, on Friday the 23rd, primarily to talk about the annual CleanEquityMonaco conference (http://www.cleanequitymonaco.com/) hosted by his company, London-based boutique investment bank, Innovator Capital (http://www.innovator-capital.com/).  The 2010 edition of CleanEquityMonaco* […]

Water Stocks Could Be Poised to End Drought

Posted On March 12, 2009 | by AllenCaron

A recent Wall Street Journal article cites some eye-popping, though perhaps debatable, stats about the amount of water used to make common products. A cup of coffee takes roughly 35 gallons. A cotton T-shirt,700 gallons of water […]


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