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In a recent article on HuffPost Live, Dr. Ibrahim Ozbolat, co-director of the University of Iowa’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group, spoke about how 3D printing technology’s rapid advancements have led to great strides in organ replacement with […]

Small Cap Cardiological Companies Help Patients Thrive

Posted On August 20, 2013 | by AllenCaron

CC image from Flickr user Garret Ammon. About 600,000 people die each year in America from heart disease, making this medical issue the cause for one in every four deaths in the US. While future technology may […]

New Tech Investment Options for Surgical Imaging

Posted On July 29, 2013 | by AllenCaron

Surgical imaging has long been a challenge for surgeons. Until about four years ago, patients undergoing surgery needed to be scanned post-procedure to ensure that the surgery was successful. However, intraoperative computed tomography (iCT) procedures now provide […]

Artificial organs could become relatively commonplace soon, at least according to an article in the New York Times. Carmat SAS (EPA:ALCAR), a company based in France, is testing the latest iteration of an artificial heart – this […]

Last Oct. 4 we filed a blog post based on the closing of the worst quarter since 2008. We were talking about the third quarter of 2011 that ended Sept. 30. The Dow Industrial Average dropping another […]

On September 30, the day the second quarter came to an end, the Dow dropped another 240 points to 10,913. According to CNBC and Standard & Poors, we’ve just finished the worst quarter since 2008. The weekend newspapers were […]

Medical Device Stocks Eye Rapidly Growing Vascular Market

Posted On September 10, 2010 | by AllenCaron

In case you missed it, or are not a subscriber to Medical Device Daily, contributing writer and medical device analyst Larry Haimovitch attended the recent Cannacord Genuity Global Growth Conference in Boston in August and came away […]


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