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In a recent LA Times article, author Chris O’Brien explains one of the hottest new trends at this year’s CES, a consumer electronics show that happened in Las Vegas last week. As O’Brien explains, this trend could […]

The stock market finally “took a breather” on Monday of this week, as the Wall Street Journal characterized it. The resilient bull market of 2013 has seen only four sessions in May that had a decline in the […]

Signs of Progress: Digital Media Stocks on Display

Posted On April 21, 2012 | by AllenCaron

If you want to see the latest forms of digital signage, take a look at  Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Digital displays, in all their electronic glory, are literally everywhere on that night. But thanks to […]

The announcement this week that Brightcove had filed an S-1 to raise up to $50 million in an IPO was not really a surprise. Rumors about an IPO have been circulating ever since the company, a cloud-based […]

The advent of high definition video has surely been a boon to electronics retailers like Best Buy and CompUSA. But HD is also creating a “transition” in the marketplace for players in the internet TV and video […]

Mainstreaming Online Video: The Investment Angles

Posted On March 9, 2009 | by AllenCaron

Admit it – you’re getting hooked.  You hit “play” on your Google or Yahoo splash page at least once during the day.  A non-firewalled friend sends you a video link at least once a week, and you […]

Cisco Outlook: Global Mobile Traffic to Increase 66-Fold by 2013

Posted On February 11, 2009 | by AllenCaron

The fourth generation, or 4G, mobile internet transformation is expanding the world of global mobile traffic–very rapidly. According to a forecast released this week by computer networking giant Cisco Systems (Nasdaq: CSCO, http://www.cisco.com), global mobile traffic is […]


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