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Gaming peripherals range from the mundane, such as a cord to connect a gaming system to a TV, to the fantastical – brightly colored headphones emblazoned with cartoon characters that deliver high-quality sound. According to the Entertainment […]

The announcement this week that Brightcove had filed an S-1 to raise up to $50 million in an IPO was not really a surprise. Rumors about an IPO have been circulating ever since the company, a cloud-based […]

The advent of high definition video has surely been a boon to electronics retailers like Best Buy and CompUSA. But HD is also creating a “transition” in the marketplace for players in the internet TV and video […]

Mainstreaming Online Video: The Investment Angles

Posted On March 9, 2009 | by AllenCaron

Admit it – you’re getting hooked.  You hit “play” on your Google or Yahoo splash page at least once during the day.  A non-firewalled friend sends you a video link at least once a week, and you […]

Cisco Outlook: Global Mobile Traffic to Increase 66-Fold by 2013

Posted On February 11, 2009 | by AllenCaron

The fourth generation, or 4G, mobile internet transformation is expanding the world of global mobile traffic–very rapidly. According to a forecast released this week by computer networking giant Cisco Systems (Nasdaq: CSCO, http://www.cisco.com), global mobile traffic is […]

YouTube, then the Olympics, now the Panama Canal

Posted On December 24, 2008 | by AllenCaron

No doubt the colossal success of YouTube was on the minds of the world’s leading broadcasters including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) when they made the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games the first ever Olympics to be streamed […]

Mantra 2009: Be Prepared

Posted On December 12, 2008 | by AllenCaron

With a recession no longer looming, but in full swing entering 2009, the best management advice may come from none other than the old Boy Scouts handbook: Be Prepared. That’s particularly important when it comes to working […]


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