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It’s been many months since we took a look at small cap oilfield services stocks, the companies that, among other services, make the equipment used in the business of deep-sea drilling and onshore hydraulic fracturing. They also […]

With little fanfare, the Environmental Protection Agency June 20 announced that it would drop an investigation into the connection between natural gas drilling and contaminated water in Wyoming. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, the decision was […]

Putting controversy aside for the moment, there are a variety of companies that may prosper from the current recovery in oil and gas pipeline building. It’s the kind of boom that can create strange bedfellows, considering the pipe now being […]

Mary Lisanti is president and portfolio manager of AH Lisanti, an investment management company currently focused on small cap growth companies. She is a 33-year veteran of small cap growth research and investing. For the first 12 […]


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