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In today’s overwhelmingly online world, it may come as a surprise to learn that 52 percent of small businesses (SMBs) in the US are not online – or at least they don’t have a website. As explained […]

If we get a bull market run in 2012, and many of the more optimistic analysts are suggesting we will, then the small cap stocks will lead the rally, according to a variety of market prognisticators and a bit […]

When, back in July, we last wrote about reverse mergers (a means by which a private company can buy the shell of a defunct public company to gain quick access to public markets) the Securites and Exchange Commission (SEC) had […]

Armageddon Is (Still) A Bad Bet

Posted On September 15, 2010 | by AllenCaron

A story on the front of the New York Times Business Day section Sept. 14 made us think of Otis Bradley, Managing Director of Research and Chief Market Strategist at NY-based ICM Capital Markets. We published a […]

WARNING! Your Computer Is Not Protected from Viruses

Posted On July 7, 2010 | by AllenCaron

Sometimes a warning is anything but. The headline above is but one example that hackers use to trap unwitting computer users and gain access to their computers. There are school courses on hacking, hacking books and, yes, […]

Small Companies with Great Growth Trajectories

Posted On September 13, 2009 | by AllenCaron

My good friend John Westergaard used to tell me regularly that investors do not want to buy into small companies — instead they want to buy into companies that are going to be big companies, which lets […]


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