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Air France recently began a six-month trial for their new “Touch and Pass” app to board flights, which requires NFC, or near field communication technology. NFC has been around for a while but has sometimes struggled to […]

Although Forbes recently released an article inquiring about the future of NFC communication payments, the technology appears to be here to stay. New technology investment in near-field communication small stock caps companies, combined with upgrades in stock […]

Many media eyes are watching the auction of bankrupt battery-maker A123 Systems, which is currently underway in Chicago. Bids were accepted starting December 6, but the auction apparently could run into next week before a buyer is announced […]

The technology used in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is not new, but global business continues to find additional lucrative applications for its use. Security and access control were among the initial drivers of RFID technology but now […]

Today up triple digits. Tomorrow down triple digits. With the wobbly, volatile markets careening back and forth on a daily basis, several prominent investors separated from the pack this week and stepped boldly forward to suggest this is […]

The latest food safety scare, in which nine people have so far died from salmonella linked to tainted peanut butter, may have received less attention from the general public that you’d expect due to the enormous coverage […]

RFID — TI Layoffs, Animal Tags Charge Ahead

Posted On February 4, 2009 | by AllenCaron

In manufacturing news Tuesday, Dallas-based Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN, http://www.ti.com ). one of the leading manufacturers of Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID), announced that it would be eliminating 3,400 positions, but said that it is not withdrawing from the […]


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