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It’s been many months since we took a look at small cap oilfield services stocks, the companies that, among other services, make the equipment used in the business of deep-sea drilling and onshore hydraulic fracturing. They also […]

Small Cap Coal Companies Enjoy Mid-Term Election Bounce

Posted On November 6, 2014 | by AllenCaron

If you are looking for a group of stocks that benefited from the GOP wins in this week’s mid-term elections, look no further than the coal stocks we covered just last month. Based on the results, investors […]

To put it mildly, it has not been a good year for coal stocks.  The EPA”s proposal back in June to cut carbon emissions certainly did not help. And when the entire market took a major hit […]

Renewables Rise – Can Storage Keep Up?

Posted On April 1, 2014 | by AllenCaron

Renewable energy has been growing tremendously in the US over the past several years – with an average growth rate of over 25% a year for wind power and over 50% a year for solar PV, it’s […]

The Boring Bull: A Look Back at 2013

Posted On February 11, 2014 | by AllenCaron

Calling it “one for the record books,” author Ben Rooney at CNN Money toed the line of calling 2013 a “boring” year for stocks, even as the bull market surged on. The year’s bull market did indeed […]

New Investments in Energy Storage Technology Cause a Stir

Posted On October 15, 2013 | by AllenCaron

Image from RenewEconomy.com There’s a big stir in the energy storage sector lately following noted investors Bill Gates’ and Vinod Khosla’s investments in Varentec, a privately held company that creates power control solutions to connect renewable energy […]

A JP Morgan report that suggested $5-a-gallon gas could be coming in the near future prompted a brief mid-day run on natural gas stocks Oct. 11, a run that also lifted coal stocks. Columbus, OH-based Oxford Resource Partners […]


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