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Wearable or portable healthcare technology is a sector we first visited back in June 2013 and it became timely again because the FDA has just issued guidance about the use of some of these low risk devices. […]

Health Care Small Cap Stocks Looking, Well, Healthy

Posted On June 10, 2014 | by AllenCaron

Though the small cap market as a whole has been down lately, one sector appears to be rallying and surpassing the others. That’s right – health care companies, a mainstay of small cap indices, is on the […]

In the space of six months, a longer-term artificial heart has gone from speculation to reality. Carmat SAS (EPA:ALCAR), an international small cap company, implanted their first artificial heart in a 75-year-old man in France as part […]

Small Caps for Backs Are On Track

Posted On December 30, 2013 | by AllenCaron

If you’ve ever woken up with a twinge in your back and wondered, “Where did that even come from?”, you’re not alone. Lower back pain is the leading cause of physical disability in people under the age […]

According to a recent press release, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) now recommends microarray analysis for pregnancies that show fetal abnormalities during an ultrasound. This decision means that chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) is now […]

As Digestive Disorders Rise, Small Caps Take Charge

Posted On October 8, 2013 | by AllenCaron

While many people deal with minor digestive troubles from time to time, more than 60 million people in the US live with more chronic digestive diseases. Millions of people are hospitalized each year as a result of […]

Regenerative medicine is a field involving the study of stem cells to regenerate or regrow cells and even entire body parts in humans, reestablishing normal function. Successes in regenerative medicine could help the entire medical field advance […]

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