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Warren Isabelle: 2013 Will Be A Stock Picker’s Market

Posted On January 13, 2013 | by AllenCaron

Warren Isabelle is a Managing  Member of Ironwood Investment Management LLC, located in Boston.  Ironwood is a prominent small-cap investor, defining small-cap as below $2.5 billion in market cap.  Prior to forming Ironwood in 1997, Warren was […]

How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm?

Posted On February 16, 2009 | by AllenCaron

Want to get a peak at some up-and-coming green technologies that are REALLY close to the land? Head to an agricultural conference. The worlds’ largest annual farm conflab – the World Ag Expo (http://www.worldagexpo.com/)  – just wrapped […]

The latest food safety scare, in which nine people have so far died from salmonella linked to tainted peanut butter, may have received less attention from the general public that you’d expect due to the enormous coverage […]

RFID — TI Layoffs, Animal Tags Charge Ahead

Posted On February 4, 2009 | by AllenCaron

In manufacturing news Tuesday, Dallas-based Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN, http://www.ti.com ). one of the leading manufacturers of Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID), announced that it would be eliminating 3,400 positions, but said that it is not withdrawing from the […]


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