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Warren Isabelle: 2013 Will Be A Stock Picker’s Market

Posted On January 13, 2013 | by AllenCaron

Warren Isabelle is a Managing  Member of Ironwood Investment Management LLC, located in Boston.  Ironwood is a prominent small-cap investor, defining small-cap as below $2.5 billion in market cap.  Prior to forming Ironwood in 1997, Warren was […]

A Sweet Deal: Chocolate Found to Reduce Stroke Risk for Men

Posted On September 8, 2012 | by AllenCaron

Some delicious news arrived from many media sources this week, at least if you are a chocolate lover and a man between the ages of 45 and 79. A new, decade-long Swedish study of 37,000 Swedish men to […]

Could 2012 Be the Year for AG Stocks?

Posted On May 4, 2012 | by AllenCaron

You can profit from Mother Earth, according to some followers of agricultural or “AG” stocks. While historically a slow growth industry, many believe 2012 could provide a bountiful harvest for these agricultural stocks for a variety of […]

In the ongoing battle of fast-food giants, the fight seems to be for second place. Nobody is expected to beat McDonald’s for the top spot, but the news this week was  former second-place holder Burger King (which announced this week […]

The technology used in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is not new, but global business continues to find additional lucrative applications for its use. Security and access control were among the initial drivers of RFID technology but now […]

U.S. Listing May Ignite Move Toward Better Valuation

Posted On December 7, 2010 | by AllenCaron

It is generally considered good news when a company announces a new listing on an American exchange such as Nasdaq, or the NYSE. Such a listing brings the company exposure to the world’s broadest markets of institutional […]

Fishing, Boating Stocks Adrift in Oily Gulf

Posted On July 16, 2010 | by AllenCaron

While vast quantities of oil were leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, the eyes of the world have been focused on the coastal sprawl stretching from Texas, east past the Mississippi River delta at the gulf, all the […]


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