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Mary Lisanti is president and portfolio manager of AH Lisanti, an investment management company currently focused on small cap growth companies. She is a 33-year veteran of small cap growth research and investing. For the first 12 […]

‘Don’t Miss This!!’ – English for caveat emptor?

Posted On February 11, 2012 | by AllenCaron

They typically arrive unsolicted in your email, under screaming headlines such as: “Could Go All the Way!” or “Gained 50 Percent, More to Come!!” or “Don’t Miss This!” They are emails from the likes of Stock Hunter, Liquid Pennies, […]

Barron’s Mention a Bonus for Small Caps under $5

Posted On May 11, 2011 | by AllenCaron

Behold the power of Barron’s. Or maybe it’s the resilience of the bull market for small caps. Whichever, an article in the May 9 edition of the weekly business/financial noted 10 small cap stocks that trade for less […]

Healthcare’s Y2K. And SmallCaps That May Save the Day.

Posted On November 19, 2009 | by AllenCaron

As the first decade of the second millennium comes to a close, it is tempting to reminisce about where we were during the last few months of 1999. The excitement of entering a *new century and seeing […]

Like faddish Christmas toys, there are certain words and concepts that experience the headline equivalent of Warhol’s “15 minutes of fame.”  Well, maybe longer than 15 minutes in the case of “stimulus.”  Last week, we heard of […]


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