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There are articles this morning with significant news for the economy as a whole and for the investment community in particular.  First of all, the job market improved more than expected, and is back on the curve it […]

Signs of Progress: Digital Media Stocks on Display

Posted On April 21, 2012 | by AllenCaron

If you want to see the latest forms of digital signage, take a look at  Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Digital displays, in all their electronic glory, are literally everywhere on that night. But thanks to […]

Finding Value in ADRs We find that if you exclude momentum-driven exchanges, many foreign companies are valued at lower multiples or in lower quartiles than US-based companies that might be considered peers or comparables.  And since most […]

Big Winners in 2010: VHC, RLGT, ATSG, ALLT, ESCA

Posted On January 19, 2011 | by AllenCaron

More than 150 smallcap stocks were covered by this blog throughout 2010. Many of these stocks enjoyed a good year based on stock price, while a few others enjoyed a great 2010. Here is a list of […]

The greenback is, at least for the moment, looking more like a muscleman than a 97-pound weakling.  That may not reflect the inherent strength of the buck as much as the apparent disarray of the euro and UK […]


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