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Hype or Hush: The Pros and Cons of Going Public Part 3: Tick Size

Posted On June 24, 2015 | by Kristine Walczak

Today’s stock market is nearly transaction cost-free and overrun by trading schemes that can displace individual investors. While competition reduces trading costs for investors, it can have negative consequences for IPOs. Tick size, or the price increment […]

Hype or Hush: The Pros and Cons of Going Public Part 2: JOBS Act

Posted On May 27, 2015 | by Kristine Walczak

The IPO market continued its moderate pace in the first quarter of 2015, producing 28 IPOs. Of the 28 IPOs in 2015, return ranges from a loss of 32% of value to a return of almost 230%. […]

Restoring the Image of the Tainted Reverse Merger

Posted On December 15, 2014 | by AllenCaron

By guest author Nate Nead, Managing Director of www.reversemergers.comhttp://www.reversemergers.com/ http://www.reversemergers.com/ A recent conversation with a partner at a tier one law firm that regularly works on fully-underwritten IPOs went something like this. Me: “Tell me about your […]

Small Caps ‘Lead the Market Up, Lead the Market Down’

Posted On September 29, 2014 | by AllenCaron

The old market adage goes something like “small caps lead the market up and small caps lead the market down.” If that old saying rings true, the market is headed downward despite the growing strength of the […]

Peter A. Blackwood is a Managing Director, and heads the Technology & Media investment banking group at Philadelphia-based Janney Montgomery Scott LLC, a bank whose roots go back to 1832, and probably the most prominent mid-Atlantic regional […]

Get Ready for Fundraising: Find an Investment Bank

Posted On October 1, 2010 | by AllenCaron

We are most likely starting the second leg of a bull market, even though it seems as though we are slogging sideways (http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/2010/10/01/wall-street-bulls-pull-in-their-horns/).  If that is so, we should be preparing for a shift next year when the […]

Autumn Leaves, October Baseball, DEALS-DEALS-DEALS

Posted On October 14, 2009 | by AllenCaron

The World Series is in sight.  The market is reaching for Dow 10,000.  Topcoats are coming out of closets in the upper midwest and northeast.  Leaves are turning red, orange and gold in the hardwood forests.  And […]


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