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To put it mildly, it has not been a good year for coal stocks.  The EPA”s proposal back in June to cut carbon emissions certainly did not help. And when the entire market took a major hit […]

Baltic Index Indicator Suggests Shippers May Be on Upswing

Posted On July 17, 2013 | by AllenCaron

In early January, the last time we checked the Baltic Dry Index, it appeared to be on the comeback trail after a dismal 2012, the worst year for the index since 1986. A look today at the […]

With little fanfare, the Environmental Protection Agency June 20 announced that it would drop an investigation into the connection between natural gas drilling and contaminated water in Wyoming. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, the decision was […]

Mary Lisanti is president and portfolio manager of AH Lisanti, an investment management company currently focused on small cap growth companies. She is a 33-year veteran of small cap growth research and investing. For the first 12 […]

Boniface A. (“Buzz”) Zaino is a portfolio manager advising several of the high-profile Royce Funds, to wit, the Royce Opportunity Fund and associated funds. By any measure a veteran of the industry, Buzz has more than 40 […]


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