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The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center recently announced that it will be deploying at least 2,000 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets throughout its system. According to an article by mobihealthnews.com, “Dr. Rasu Shrestha, Vice President of Medical […]

In a recent LA Times article, author Chris O’Brien explains one of the hottest new trends at this year’s CES, a consumer electronics show that happened in Las Vegas last week. As O’Brien explains, this trend could […]

In today’s overwhelmingly online world, it may come as a surprise to learn that 52 percent of small businesses (SMBs) in the US are not online – or at least they don’t have a website. As explained […]

Peter A. Blackwood is a Managing Director, and heads the Technology & Media investment banking group at Philadelphia-based Janney Montgomery Scott LLC, a bank whose roots go back to 1832, and probably the most prominent mid-Atlantic regional […]


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