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1603 Babies: Another Year of Life

Posted On December 22, 2010 | by AllenCaron

The so-called “lame duck” Congress has gotten itself into a productive fit over the last couple of weeks, and passed more important legislation than it had done all year long — much of it bipartisan.  In many […]

Cleantech Industry Heating Up in The OC

Posted On November 25, 2010 | by AllenCaron

Back in August we noted that the medical diagnostics industry had invaded Southern California’s Orange County in force. Now it’s the cleantech industry that has arrived in The OC, according to a recent story in the Los […]

The media vacillate daily about whether the economy is growing, whether the recession is lifting, and the market is like the audience at the US Open, heads moving back and forth in unison.  One way to look […]

What, When Is Payoff for ‘Green Crude?’

Posted On June 28, 2010 | by AllenCaron

For scientists and botanists, algae are among the world’s most basic organisms. Most species are tiny, energetic photosynthesis machines. For investors, algae, and the companies trying to harness its powers and potential, present a range of possibilities. […]

One of the high points of the greentech year is coming up March 4-5: CleanEquityMonaco (http://www.cleanequitymonaco.com) in the picturebook-lovely city of Monte Carlo.  Interestingly enough it is not a costly conference to attend, probably because it has […]

Continental Airlines and Air New Zealand Fly on Biofuel

Posted On March 27, 2009 | by AllenCaron

On December 30, 2008, Air New Zealand (NZSE: AIR, http://www.airnewzealand.com) completed a two-hour test flight using a 50/50 mixture of jatropha oil and Jet A1 in one of the four Rolls-Royce RB211 engines of a Boeing 747-400 […]

Wall St GREEN Trading Summit April 1-2

Posted On February 27, 2009 | by AllenCaron

The Wall Street GREEN Trading Summit, set for April 1-2 this year has assembled a “who’s who” of speakers, panelists and sponsors, as you might expect, since GREEN is finally squarely in the smack-dab middle of the […]


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