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A recent article at VentureBeat discusses why companies should consider using enterprise system software to create mobility among the workforce. Author Mani Zarrehparvar points out that many companies shelled out millions of dollars in the 1980s to bring personal computers into business because they saw the PC and PC-based applications as a way to transform operations. Some are reluctant to view mobile devices, which have been obligatory costs of doing business for decades, as having any potential to be transformative to how a company operates. However, he explains that mobile devices could offer many transformational opportunities and distinct advantages to today’s companies.

Zarrehparvar shows that companies can use tools beyond smartphones to increase productivity at the office. He makes the case for mobilizing various functions in the workplace as well as moving beyond smartphones, into tablets and air cards. By increasing connectivity, today’s workers may be even more productive. Zarrehparvar explains, “The most recent iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report study found that the average mobile-enabled employee puts in an extra eight hours a week.” Providing enterprise mobility and necessary access to enterprise systems software can even be used as a recruiting tool because it allows companies to offer flexibility to Millennial workers.

One micro-cap enterprise application software company providing mobility solutions for businesses is DecisionPoint Systems, Inc * (OTCBB:DPSI), based in Irvine, CA. The Company’s suite of enterprise software applications, such as their APEXWare MSD system, allows companies to streamline their merchandising, sales and delivery business processes. DecisionPoint recently added support for Android operating systems, giving companies more options for devices that work with their service. DPSI closed August 2nd at $0.55, down $0.112, with a market cap of $6.1 million. Its 52-week trading range is $0.55 – $1.30.

Another small cap company that provides enterprise-level software for companies looking to streamline their processes is LogMeIn Inc (Nasdaq:LOGM), a Woburn, MA-based company. They provide remote desktop services for individual users as well as businesses. These secure connections help companies provide flexibility to employees, as well as reach out to customers who may require remote IT support. On July 24th, the company announced plans for LogMeIn Elevate, a service for resellers looking to grow their companies. LOGM closed August 2nd at $29.84, down $0.04, with a market cap of $720.37 million. Its 52-week trading range is $16.12 – $31.74.

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq:CKSW), based in Petah Tikva, Israel, operates in the mobility sphere by licensing their automated mobile workforce management platform to third-party companies. On July 30th, the company launched ClickWorkforce on AppExchange through Salesforce. This mobile workforce management application suite gives customers the ability to automate and optimize business tasks like appointment booking and scheduling. CKSW closed August 2nd at $7.27, down $0.03, with a market cap of $231.08 million. Its 52-week trading range is $6.81 – $9.14.

Building mobility into companies can help employees and companies in a wide variety of ways. From offering flexible and streamlined delivery systems to providing employees with the ability to stay plugged into enterprise systems, even when off-site, small cap companies are leading the charge in enterprise-level mobility solutions.

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