Oikovest Alt Energy Newsletter Renamed Ardour Weekly

Posted On December 29, 2008 | by AllenCaron

Every Monday morning we look forward to the brief (1-page) Oikovest “Alternative Energy Newsletter”, which is edited by Gerard Reid.  This week’s articles are headlined “Report forecasts sea level rise to 4 feet by 2100,” “A cooler year on a warming planet,” “US edges out Germany as wind power leader,” and “Nicaragua turns to wind power.”  The articles are never too long to be read, and always helpful in staying abreast of interesting news.

The newsletter is edited in Berlin, and will apparently be renamed “Ardour Weekly” starting next week, following the link-up of Berlin-based investment bank Oikovest with NYC-based investment bank Ardour Capital (they are in the Empire State Bldg).  Check it out at http://www.oikovest.com or http://www.ardourcapital.com/.

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