honda-clarityThe Green Car Advisor and Strategies for Smart Car Buyers, two blogs connected to the well-respected website ( include intriguing notes on the new Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell-powered sedan. An editor took the car out for a driving test on some of the country’s most challenging real-world conditions–the freeways of Southern California. ( She returns unscathed with a list of pluses and minuses of which, in the minuses category, the lack of refueling stations is a major concern. On the plus side are all the eco-friendly features such as the fact that the FCX “emits nothing but water vapor and “gets the equivalent of 74 miles per gallon.” There’s also the “corn-based fabric” lining the seats. Not mentioned, but also part of the seat highlights are the solid-state, heated and cooled seats based on thermoelectic technology¬†created by¬†Amerigon (Nasdaq:ARBN), which emit no CFCs or any other dangerous gases and are completely independent, not drawing any power from the engine. As for her overall assessment, the editor notes “the good news is (the Clarity) is very much a Honda.”

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